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As I begin to set up my own marketing company, I have undertaken the challenge of going back to school. I have enrolled in some classes about fundraising and development.  The classes have been challenging and rewarding all at the same time. The new knowledge that I am learning I can immediately apply to many Catholic school scenarios. Taking my knowledge of Catholic schools, teir financial issues and their resource and applying my newfound knowledge leads me to the conclusion that there is a way out for many Catholic schools. The problem arises, agagin, the lack of business training for many of the school proncipals and superintendents. Working over the last two weeks with Saint Charles Borromeo Academy in Point Loma, exemplifies this scenario. I needed to develop an annual giving plan for a non-profit organization. An old friend of mine recommended I contact Saint Charles Borromeo Academy (SCBA) for assistance. The school has been in existence for 63 years. They however, run on a skeleton staff with one principal and two parent fundraising volunteers. The ideas I presented to the principal were simply and easy to employ, but needed one or two volunteers. Mr. Mamara was grateful for my assistance, but admitted that he was never trained in fundraising and development. If these schools are to survive, they need to see the importance of development to ensure the sustainability of Catholic education!


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